This page contains the list of team players who have played the match.

1 – Title of the card

  • T back to the origin menu
  • TP open the contextual help page

2 – Reference match

The name of the game whose details are being displayed is displayed

3 – Set selection key

  • T /SO to move from one set to another or the whole game and then show the players list with the various scores

4 – Players list

The list of players for the set or for the entire game is shown

  • T to open the related page of individual player statistics
  • SV to scroll through the player list

5 – Player Scores

In the following screenshot they are shown for each Player row:

Lato destro

  1. in verde, the points scored by the player in the selected set or match
  2. in rosso, points conceded due to a player error in the selected set or match

Zona centrale (divided by 4 fundamental: Attack, Joke, Reception, Wall)

  1. grande in bianco, the points made relating to the respective fundamental
  2. small in bianco, the total shares related to the respective fundamental. On the side the percentage of positivity (good deeds to the total)
  3. small in rosso, the points suffered due to an error in the respective fundamental. To the side, marked in brackets, the success rate (actions with point compared to the total)

Lato sinistro

  1. photo and number of the relevant player