Training list from the Pointly Portal

Manage your workouts in one click

With Pointly you will be able to see the attendance, the performance of your players and the effectiveness of your training in a single portal.

Register on the Pointly portal

View your players' attendance at training sessions in one click

You will be able to register your team and see the attendance of players at all training sessions. You can also report the entry and exit of those present at the various entrances or premises, so as not to have problems in case of Covid checks.

Pointly - gestione allenamenti

Questionnaires for players

Pointly allows you to organize training sessions and create questionnaires for players to fill out, so you can check the effectiveness of your exercises.

You can ask your teen how fatigued they feel or if they have any pain, monitoring their physical situation.

Pointlyscout - statistics training questionnaires

Self-certifications are now managed digitally

You have a folder full of paperwork? With Pointly, athletes will be able to send you the photo of the Covid self-certification and of the medical examination, so you can digitally manage all the bureaucracy.

Pointly will also let you know when certifications are about to expire, so you can easily ask players to renew them.