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Scouting of own teams

Scout your teams during matches the easy way, fast and intuitive, with a graphic interface designed to be immediate, tramite l’app POINTLY Scout & Share per iOS ed Android.

Real-time statistical analysis of team and players

View statistics for fundamentals and rotations of your teams and players, in a timely manner, in real time and with historical aggregation.

Share the statistics in real time with your audience and your coaches on the bench

During the scout, in real time, your audience will be able to view the statistics of your match. Your coaches, via specific views for them, always in real time, they will be able to analyze the progress by team and by individual player. You will also have a web link for statistics that you can share on your site, on your social networks or integrate it with your video streaming system.

Upload video games

Upload the videos of your matches on Youtube® and associate it to your match to be able to synchronize your scouts to subsequently carry out your video analysis!

Synchronize videos with the scout

Synchronize the videos of your matches with your scouts thanks to our web video synchronization tool! You can then analyze every single action of your team by reviewing them on video.

Mono Game Video Analysis with Basic Filters

Analyze the individual matches of your team by reviewing and filtering the individual fundamentals with our Basic filter system! Make summary videos quickly and easily, without having to edit.

Training Management

Create, Manage, attach document links, Call the athletes of your teams, Save the CoVid-19 self-certifications and indicate the CoVid Manager on duty, directly from the Pointly Web Portal, prepare training questionnaires to get feedback from your athletes! They will be able to answer comfortably from the Android or iOS App.

Training Statistics

From our web portal, you will be able to control the attendance of your players in the training sessions, in addition to all the feedback received from them with the historical trend of the answers.


Same as BASE plus:

Multi-game analysis with BASIC filter

Create projects and analyze the scouts of multiple aggregated matches of your teams using the Basic Filters

Sharing of video analysis

Your video analyzes performed, you can share them with your players and your technical staff, without having to download any video. They will be able to see your videos directly from our App or our Web portal.

Free Video Management (videos not related to scouts)

Use our free Youtube® video tag system even without having a scout. Very useful for freely analyzing the videos you deem necessary to work with your staff!

DataVolley scout file import

Your team already uses DataVolley® for scouts? No problem! With our real-time import tool RTImport, you can immediately take advantage of all our statistics and sharing functions in a safe and transparent way.


Same as PLUS plus:

Multi-game analysis with ADVANCED filters

Use our powerful Advanced filter system to query the scouts of your analysis projects. Our cutting-edge tool, is able to answer countless and potentially unlimited types of queries that you may wish to request.

Merge export video analysis

You have made multiple video exports from different projects but would like to merge them, manage and share them as a single video? No problem! with our Merge-Export tool you can do it quickly and easily!

USB-Webcam player with delay

You have a camera connected via USB with which you film matches and training and you want to view the delayed LIVE video during the scout? With our Windows PC software you can view the video streaming by setting a delay in seconds compared to reality!

Duplication of video display in tab / window

You want to view your projects or exports in a separate browser window or project them on a second screen during a conference or technical meeting? The Duplicate View tool is here for that!


Same as ADVANCED plus:

Advanced project management

For professionals who manage numerous companies, teams and projects, functions are available that allow optimal integration and functionality that simplify work organization!

Management of group profiles and private scouts

Multi-profile analysis and private analysis functions, allow professionals to collaborate and securely share their analyzes.

Recurring analysis management and automatic exports

Repetitive analyzes are simplified in the management with automatic sharing media with your staff and players.

Video export to MP4

Your video analytics can be exported to MP4 via an automated cloud service. You will also have an off-line web player to be able to browse the actions of your MP4!

Webcam player with delay, USB e RSTP

Enhance the functionality of the Pointly Webcam Player with the ability to connect multiple cameras or webcams, networked and using the RSTP protocol.